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Privacy Policy

For your security and comprehensive understanding, it is strongly advised to carefully review the legal documents provided before proceeding with any account-related activities or transactions.

Privacy Policy

CMS Prime lays great emphasis on keeping the information shared by our website users and visitors private and confidential. The use of the data you share with us will be governed by this privacy policy. CMS Prime adheres to the data protection provisions as mentioned under International Laws. In order to consider the conditions and threats posed by the changing operations, technologies, practices and legislations, we will review this policy statement and update it with required information with notification.

When you apply for opening CMS Prime trading account, we require certain information in order to process the request. This information may include personal and financial details, such as, name, address and contact number, date of birth, employment details, liabilities and assets. To improve your trading experience, we may require further information. Sometimes the law may require us to hold some information about our customers. In such cases, we obtain the information through our application forms and other information through request forms.

CMS Prime may collect the following information but not limited to:   

  • personal details through forms;  
  • financial details through forms and record of services rendered;
  • information about a trader’s usage pattern of our website and trading platforms; 
  • a record of your trading activities.   

The trader information CMS Prime holds is used for but not limited to:   

  • creating and handling your account;   
  • reviewing your current requirements;   
  • enhancing our platforms, services and customer support services;   
  • keeping you up to date with trading info and advices about better opportunities. 

On the basis of the product or service concerned and with regard to particular restrictions on sensitive information, CMS Prime may disclose information about traders to specialists, experts, service providers and advisers contracted by us for administrative, insurance, financial research or similar assistance, introducing brokers (IBs) who we share a working relationship, courts, credit providers, tribunals or regulatory authorities authorized by the law, reference or credit reporting agencies, individuals authorized by the trader whose information is being shared.   

If you are not willing to share any information with the mentioned agencies and service providers, please send us a written message. In such a situation, we will withdraw your information from the data pool and consequently withdraw related services. If there is a change in your personal details you may email the new information to CMS Prime at [email protected] as soon as possible. As per your instructions, CMS Prime will update your personal details. However, please note that the action we take will also need to be consistent with the regulations that govern our data collection and protection practices.   

When you open a CMS Prime trading account and access it through your browser, there will arise a need to enable cookie acceptance. Cookies or small packets of information received by your computer and contain a unique identification number. They are used by our platforms and services for preparing the browser for your use, requirements and preferences. This helps CMS Prime to enhance your trading experience when you use our services. Cookies also play an important role in the security of various sections of our online services. You will not be able to view the secure parts of the CMS Prime website without cookies.

As per the data protection laws that govern the CMS Prime trading services, all traders are entitled to obtain personal information regarding them from CMS Prime and inform us about any inaccuracy perceived. If you wish to make an enquiry, you may email us at [email protected]. If there are no legal restrictions on sharing the information we will acknowledge and execute your request within 40 working days of your request. You may have to bear the cost regarding the finding, reviewing and sending across the material requested. CMS Prime reserves the right to modify this policy as deemed fit at any time and as per. The latest privacy policy will always be available at this link: