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Loyalty Program

CMS Prime Partner Loyalty Program​

This special program rewards our loyal partners for their valued contribution to CMS Prime's success over the years.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up to CMS Prime to get your partner link; use it to refer clients to CMS Prime.
  2. Reach new goals, increasing the number of referred and active clients.
  3. Use your CRM Portal to track your progress.
  4. Claim increasingly extravagant prizes as you climb the tiers.

How does it work?

This is what is measured as you progress through the Loyalty Program:

  1. Your referrals’ qualifying lifetime trading lots.
  2. The number of active referrals you had over the last 90 days.
  3. Your referrals’ qualifying trading lots for the last 12 months: which must be equal to or higher than the required number.

Please note that qualifying criteria can vary based on region and are subject to change without prior notice.

What is the qualifying trading lot number?

Qualifying trading lots number is calculated for each client signed up by you since your registration date taking into account.  Excluding trading lots derived from error, fraud, or any doubtful operations.

3 IB Tiers:

  1. IB
  2. Advanced IB (1,500+ trading lots per month)
  3. Premium IB  ( 3,000+ trading lots per month)

IB will qualify for the loyalty program ONLY if he was an advanced or premium IB for at least 3 months per year. 

Loyalty Program:

  1. Advanced & Premium IBs will be able to redeem rewards for a specific number of lots traded by their referrals. 
  2. The amount of lots will stay for a lifetime as long as the IB is Advanced & Premium. 
  3. Once an IB redeems one reward, the number of lots required for this specific reward will be deducted from the number of lots he has.  

Super Car ( worth $150,000)

200,000 Lots

International Vacation for two

100,000 Lots

Luxury City Vacation for two

25,000 Lots

High-End Electronics (Worth $2,000)

7,000 Lots

iPhone 15 OR $1,500 Trading Money

3,000 Lots

$ 500 Cash

1,500 Lots

*Terms and condition apply