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USD/JPY Daily Chart Analysis

USD/JPY sustained weekend gains, currently trading at the upper end of the 142.84-143.67 Range

The overall market sentiment is strongly bullish. The current price level  is closer to the pivot point than the resistance levels (R1, R2, R3), indicating that there is room for upward movement before encountering these potential barriers.

The moving averages paint a bullish picture, with the short-term MA5 showing a “Sell” but the longer-term MAs (MA10, MA20, MA50, MA100, MA200) all indicating “Buy” signals. This suggests that while there may be short-term volatility, the overall trend is positive.

The technical indicators mostly confirm the bullish sentiment. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 58.734, which is below the overbought threshold, indicating potential for further upside. The Stochastic oscillator (STOCH) is also in the “Buy” zone, and though the STOCHRSI is signaling “Oversold,” it often precedes a price increase as sellers exhaust. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) being positive is another bullish sign.

However, there are a few cautious notes: the Average Directional Index (ADX) and Williams %R suggest a sell, which could indicate that the uptrend is not as strong or that the market is approaching overbought levels. The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) remains neutral, and the ATR indicates less volatility, suggesting a potential pause or consolidation in the trend.

Despite the overall bullish sentiment, there are contrasting signals present. The sell signals from ADX and Williams %R, along with a ‘Neutral’ from CCI (Commodity Channel Index), indicate that while the trend is up, traders should be cautious of potential pullbacks or trend exhaustion.

Overall Market Sentiment: 

  • Positive Sentiment: The strong buy signals from the majority of the moving averages and several key technical indicators suggest a 70% positive sentiment.
  • Negative Sentiment: The sell signals from the ADX and Williams %R, indicating a potential reversal or trend weakness, contribute to a 20% negative sentiment.
  • Neutral Sentiment: The ‘Neutral’ signal from CCI and the inherent uncertainty in the market contribute to a 10% neutral sentiment.

In summary, the Overall Market Sentiment for USDJPY can be quantified as “70% Positive, 20% Negative, 10% Neutral.” This reflects a strong bullish trend with caution advised due to some conflicting signals suggesting potential trend weakness or reversal.

Key Levels to Watch: : 142.090,143.951,144.722,141.737

Level 1142.738143.951
Level 2142.437144.388
Level 3142.090144.722