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  1. Promotion will be applicable on winner accounts registered and funded by 30th October 2022.
  2. To claim the reward the winner must contact us via email to [email protected] by October 30th 2022. The reward queries will not be entertained, if received post October 30th, 2022.
  3. To claim the reward a client must complete 25 standard lots on one trading account by 19th December 2022. Lots traded on additional accounts will not be calculated.
  4. The promotion is available for new clients only.
  5. One gift will be given only once to each participant and cannot be merged with another offer and is not applicable on additional accounts. 
  6. Promotion is not applicable to accounts referred by IB.
  7. We reserve the right to correct the trading calculation in the event of any suspected abuse or manipulation of the promotion.
  8. The lots will be counted only be on Forex (Excluding Exotic Currency Pairs), Gold and Silver trading
  9. The gift offer would automatically stand cancel, if 25 standard lots are not completed by 19th Dec 2022.

Terms & Conditions for Gold Coin, Tablets and other gifts: