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CMS Daily Market Report 23rd June 2022


Now considering the price position in the 1 hour chart, buying in the 1830 range is a low risk option. Given the technical position of gold in the daily chart, the 1870 and 1818 ranges are the most important leading trading levels and the possible price reaction to these levels will determine the next direction of gold.

According to the analysis, at the same time as the Federal Reserve last week, the euro fell to 1.03593, but with the support of buyers in this area, closed at 1.04938 at the end of the week. Currently, considering the price position in the daily and 4-hour chart, the 1.0600 range is the most important leading resistance range, and considering the downtrend of the currency pair, selling in this range is a low-risk option and there is a possibility of starting a new downtrend in this range.

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