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XAG USD 240 Minute Chart Analysis

XAG USD Technical Outlook: Assessing Momentum Amidst Ranging Price

In the current market scenario, the price of silver is exhibiting a bearish sentiment, while remaining within a certain range. As of the latest update, silver is trading at the 22.800 level.

Moving Averages Analysis:

The silver price finds itself  between the 50-day and 200-day Moving Averages (MAs), a situation that often points towards a prevailing bearish sentiment. This suggests that the recent price movements have led to a downward bias in the market but a pullback from the recent lows.

Scenario 1: Downside Potential:

In this scenario, there’s a possibility that the price might experience a decline, with potential support levels at 22.690 and 22.420. Should the price successfully breach these levels, it could pave the way for further downward movement, potentially testing the 22.359 level. It’s worth highlighting that the 22.200 level holds significant importance as a support level to closely monitor. A breach of this level could signal a more profound shift in market sentiment.

Scenario 2: Upside Opportunity:

On the flip side, the price might show signs of upward movement. A potential scenario involves the price climbing to retest the 22.906 level. However, as the price advances, it could encounter resistance at the 22.943 level. Should the momentum continue to build, a possible outcome is a test of the 22.980 level, followed by a significant challenge at the 23.098 mark. This level holds substantial importance as a major resistance point. Additionally, the 23.260 level looms ahead as the uppermost resistance, capping potential upward movements.

It’s important to exercise caution within the range delineated by the 22.592 and 23.098 levels. This range signifies a critical zone where the market’s behavior will be instrumental in determining its future trajectory.

Key levels to watch are 23.341,23.098,22.804,22.592,22.359

Level 122.76022.904
Level 222.69023.008
Level 322.56023.098