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JPY USD 4-Hr Chart Analysis

The USD/JPY currency pair is currently experiencing a strong bullish momentum, although it is confined within a short-term range. It has recently reached a new high at the 142.368 level. The fact that the price is positioned above both the 200 and 50-day Moving Averages suggests a robust bullish long-term momentum.

Scenario 1: if the bullishness persists, there is a possibility for the price to continue its upward movement and retest the 142.139 level. If it manages to surpass this level, the next target could be the 142.441 level. Should the bullish momentum continue, the price might advance even further and test the range between 142.660 and 142.522, which corresponds to the top of the support level.

Scenario 2: there is a chance for the price to decline and test the 141.220 level. A successful retest at this level could trigger further downward movement towards the 140.953 level. Subsequent support levels to watch for include 140.629 and 140.604. Key levels to monitor lie within the range of 141.220 to 142.139, as price reactions in this area could provide significant insights.

Currently, the market displays a downward short term momentum, and it is worth noting that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is approaching the overbought region. This implies that caution should be exercised as the market may exhibit ranging behavior between the levels of 141.207 and 142.441. Monitoring price reactions around these levels is essential for gaining a better understanding of the market’s direction.

Moreover, the relative strength of the JPY against the USD is currently trending upward, indicating a strong bias towards the upside. This strengthens the possibility of the price testing the upper levels around 142.635, which could signify a robust momentum in the upward direction. Additionally, the level of 140.918 holds importance in this market, as prices may find support and consolidate around this area.

Overall, the detailed analysis suggests that the USD/JPY currency pair is currently in a strong bullish momentum within a short-term range. Traders and investors should closely observe price movements around key levels, such as 142.139, 142.441, 141.220, and 140.953, as well as monitor the RSI for potential indications of market sentiment.